My Name – Yuan Xu

My real life job title is – Artist, Designer, Chef, Dog Walker, Finder of all things in the house.

In my past life I…worked as a web designer for a fashion retail company.

My favorite AFB project is…anything that calls for lots of details and botanicals.

My dream project would be…creating a design for wallpaper, book cover, and jigsaw puzzle.

My Superpower is…I’m a fast learner, I love to learn new languages, play musical instruments and explore and pick up new skills.

A secret skill I have is…growing plants. I love growing vegetables and flowers and have thought about being a farmer as a backup career.

The best thing about AFB is…The opportunity to show my art to major clients that I would not have access to, and being in a supportive community with such talented female artists that keep inspiring and motivating me to elevate my work.