My Name –  Donna Brady

My real life job title is – Manager of Managing Management

In my past life I… created graphics and characters for candy, scented marker, and salon apparel packaging and promotion as a staff and freelance designer

My favorite AFB project is… one where I can create whimsical characters doing something a little unusual (i.e., Santa riding a vespa, or a dragon skiing!)

My dream project would be… designing a line of baby clothing, nursery accessories, and stuffed toys based on my illustrations

My Superpower is… being supremely organized and unfailingly responsible

A secret skill I have is… being able to untangle any knot, find anything that’s misplaced, and answer even the most challenging of questions (for example, “Mom, where’s my sweatshirt?”)

The best thing about AFB is… the variety of fun projects, the support of the dedicated staff, and the thrill of seeing my work in the aisles of major retailers