My Name – Laura Bolter

My real life job title is – Workaholic, lettering artist, stationery/graphic designer, illustrator, Mac Geek, Safta (grandma), dog mom, mom, mother-in-law, wife, late bloomer

In my past life I… I’ve been a freelance designer, working for a whole variety of social expression companies, while searching for working connections for over 30 years, after starting my career in the lettering department of a major greeting card company.

My favorite AFB project is… In my above “job title” I don’t include writer, but, my favorite project is any lettering assigment where I can have fun with bright colors and luscious textures illustrating words.

My dream project would be… There are still so many things I’d like to do. I’ll narrow it down to three. 1) A postage stamp or collection of stamps for the USPS. 2) A gift card for Target or another major retailer. 3) See my designs on products in Anthropologie.

My Superpower is… My superpower is not being afraid to take creative leaps. One example: quite a while ago, an art festival had opening for artists. I started painting on a whim (something I’d never done before), was accepted, and quickly painted up a bunch of paintings. From there I went on to do art fairs around the region, and the introvert in me somehow loved talking with customers about my work, and felt immense joy in people purchasing art to live with in their homes.

A secret skill I have is… Having a fun, creative, wacky good time with kids and teens!

The best thing about AFB is… Working on a team, having regular meetings and contact with the Bunch, and insight from licensing professionals to help guide my direction has been wonderful after working solo for so long in the freelance world.