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aw, but it’s cold outside!

Snowflakes by AFB designer Liz Ablashi

Snowflakes by AFB designer Liz Ablashi

Winter Wonderland…is that what we call this frozen tundra I’m living in right now?  In a repeat of this time last year, school has been closed for today.  NOT because of mounds of snow (which is actually kind of fun), but because of frigid temperatures.  How do kids in Minnesota or Canada survive temperatures that children in Illinois apparently cannot?  I DON’T KNOW, people.

Growing up in Wisconsin (and not even northern WI), it was, well, COLD.  And we rarely had “snow days” because of lots of snow, much less because of cold temperatures.  My mom used to wrap a bath towel (not kidding) around my face and shove me out the door to walk to school.  And I survived, though I did look like the kid brother Randy in “A Christmas Story” all bundled up and waddling off to school.  At any rate, I say: buck up, midwesterners!  These faux snow days are getting embarrassing.


Glitter Flake by Carol Fazio

ANYWAY.  The continuation of holed up at home swathed in cozy blankets status means that there is plenty of time to contemplate designing MORE CHRISTMAS ART, which exactly what the Bunch intends to do.  (To keep ourselves sane, we’re also working on some tropical and travel inspired art.  When you’re surrounded by ice and snow and 30 below, you’ve gotta dream about beaches in Mexico or somewhere warm.  It’s a survival tactic. )  Sadly these frigid temps mean it’s too cold to snow, though big, fat flakes falling outside would really complete the cozy blanket scene, don’t you think?

If you all are having a snow day or a faux snow day today, what are you doing to keep yourselves (and your kids, if you have them) occupied?