My Name – Rebecca Durflinger

My real life job title is – Graphic artist, illustrator, wife, mother / activity and sports coordinator, kitchen master, homework enforcer

In my past life I… I worked as an in-house graphic designer for a packaging corporation for 12 years. I’ve always enjoyed freelancing in any spare time, and have enjoyed branding projects for fun clients ranging from clothing boutiques, local coffee shops, interior design agencies, and local farmers market to name a few.

My favorite AFB project is… Hmmm, I love so many! One that comes to mind right away were two spring pieces, a sweet bunny illustration and a vintage inspired watering can “signage” piece) that both became home decor (wall art and decor)! It was thrilling to see my work become a product I never thought possible. I also love one of my first floral pattern pieces that became napkins that I spotted on shelves at my local store!

My dream project would be… I have always thought I would love to illustrate a children’s book, and while that is still on my list, I would love to create fabric patterns for baby and children’s clothing! I would also love to create a complete set of party goods, hats, plates, napkins, banners and so on. Die cut shapes and all!

My Superpower is… I’m pretty good at playing “chopped” in the kitchen, putting together something decent when I haven’t gone to the store in a while. Ha!

A secret skill I have is… While I need to improve my golf game, I am also surprisingly a pretty good putter.

The best thing about AFB is… Our bi-weekly themes / prompts that Jenny creates. They are full of inspiration, and I feel motivated and excited to create. I also love the ability to work on specific customer needs or requests to fine tune and deliver a piece that suits what they are looking for.