My Name – Molly Broadley

My real life job title is – Artist, Printmaker, Illustrator, Maker

In my past life I… spent many years as an Electrical Engineer and Program Manager in high tech, but art has always been in my heart and a big part of my life. I had a small stationery business for a few years, selling my hand block printed cards and other handmade goodies. During that time, I met the amazing Jenny, and eventually that lead to my transition to art licensing, and being represented by AFB!

My favorite AFB project is… one where I am designing for everyday, feel good occasions, inspirational and definitely with a little added whimsy!

My dream project would be… to design tableware! I’d love to see my designs on a beautifully set table, and part of everyday family dinners and special celebrations!

My Superpower is… optimism!

A secret skill I have is… making tiny desserts! I love to create cute little cakes, chocolates, tarts and more!

The best thing about AFB is… Working with the wonderful AFB team!