My Name – Erin German

My real life job title is – Chief Executive of Getting My Children Out the Door on Time and Creating Happy Things

In my past life I… In my past life, I worked at design studios in Chicago for 10 years, followed by 14 years of freelance design.

My favorite AFB project is… I love any project that involves flowers and hand lettering.

My dream project would be… I would be over the moon to see my work on home goods such as wallpaper, furniture, or pillows.

My Superpower is… Multi-tasking

A secret skill I have is… Knowing exactly where every item is that my family members cannot seem to find.

The best thing about AFB is… There are so many things that I love about AFB! The opportunity to have my artwork exposed to clients that I would not have access to otherwise has been life changing. AFB has also provided me with projects and a community that encourages creative expression, critique, and growth – I cannot believe how much my work has improved since joining. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of a group with so many talented and inspiring artists.