My Name – Courtney Mayo

My real life job title is – Illustrator, Artist, Designer, & Cat Wrangler

In my past life I… worked various studio design jobs creating work for kids menus and kids meal packaging, t-shirts, marketing emails, brochures and gift catalogues, greeting cards and ecards, stationary, DIY craft kits, and scrapbook paper collections.

My favorite AFB project is… anything with a fun color palette that brings a smile to people’s faces.

My dream project would be… so many things! Children’s books, baby clothes, puzzles, and nursery decor to name a few.

My Superpower is… A really keen sense of smell

A secret skill I have is… Reading quickly. I have a large appetite for reading and can get through long books faster than most!

The best thing about AFB is… the talented community of creatives, the fun projects, and the up to date trend reports!