JoDitt Williams

We have JoDitt Williams in our Designer Spotlight today, talking with AFB and founder Jenny Morgan about designing through A Fresh Bunch and more.


Jenny:  JoDitt has been with A Fresh Bunch for a while now, and she so embodies the collaborative spirit we aim for at A Fresh Bunch.  She’s supportive of fellow designers, has a keen attention to detail that always helps us improve, and never fails to give great input when an issue arises.  More than any designer I’ve worked with, strives to constantly learn and improve, something you’ll learn more about below.  We love JoDitt’s collaborative. joyful spirit!

AFB:  What’s Your Favorite Project You’ve Worked on with AFB?

JoDitt:   My favorite projects have been creating surface pattern designs for Surtex and for the AFB Art Marketplace. I began my design career designing stationery and invitations, which I really enjoy doing. However, what I like about designing patterns is, unlike a greeting card or invitation design, pattern designs can be used on a wide variety of products. It is so fun to imagine (and even make mock-ups of) all the possibilities for any one pattern design.



“Summer-In-Bloom” designed for Surtex



“Fleucy-Lucy” design for Surtex


AFB:  Design(s) You’re Most Proud of that you’ve done for AFB to-date?

JoDitt:  The designs I am most proud of are my most recent designs I have created for the AFB Art Marketplace. Before I created these, my designs were done mostly on the computer, but after Jenny begin encouraging us to create unique designs with more depth, and texture, and with more of a hand-done look, I bought myself a sketchbook and set aside time to doodle and sketch. It has surprised me how much I have enjoyed just doodling and drawing with pen and paper, because I have never thought I was very good at freehand drawing.  But I am proud to say that all the designs below began as pen and paper drawings/doodles.


Patterns Designed for the AFB Art Marketplace


“Gracie” patterned designed for the FLORAL Category



“Spring Showers” designed for the NOVELTY Category



“Mod Zen Flowers” pattern designed for the FLORAL Category



More About JoDitt


AFB: Do you have a Favorite Celebration?

JoDitt:   My favorite celebration is simply celebrating the little things in life—adding delight to the mundane; making precious memories. My mother and my mother-in-law both have their own unique ways of making ordinary things and ordinary days extraordinary and I draw a lot of inspiration from them. I believe that life is worth celebrating because God is good and people are precious. And the thought that my designs may be used on baby bedding to wrap a precious little one in sweetness, or on a gift bag used by student to thank their teacher, or printed on fabric that a momma uses to make adorable outfits for her children, or that a quilter uses to make a precious family heirloom, or used in other ways to help people celebrate life, add delight to the mundane, or make ordinary things extraordinary… well, that would be a dream come true and would bring extreme joy to my own heart.



JoDitt’s Family Christmas Card for 2012



“Here I am making sweet memories with my niece and nephew, letting them help me bake cookies.”



“This is a photo of me and my sisters with our mother. We just happened to all wear the same color scheme when we went to watch my nieces in their dance recital, so we thought it was a perfect photo op.”



See more of JoDitt’s work here , read her blog here, connect with her on Facebook here & follow her on Pinterest here.