I’ve been working away all morning in my robe and PJs (my mother’s death was followed by a fabulous bout of the flu that turned into bronchitis, from which I am still recovering, so don’t judge), readying the first assignment of 2015 for our member designers.  Although the assignment is for wall art, it’s a broad assignment so it made sense to finish the annual trend report we prepare for member designers and launch that as part of this first assignment.

I love the process of creating the trend report.  It starts with trolling a bunch of different sources and then looking for patterns – the same theme or color emerging over and over.  Then I pull images that best represent those themes and colors and group them.  The process is kind of like cleaning out a closet – there is a definite “it gets worse before it gets better” point, where my desktop is a jumble of images and notes.  But then it all comes together in a way that I find really satisfying and I become filled with anticipation before launching the report to our designers.

So here are a few teasers from that report (viewing while in robe and PJs highly recommended):


Image from Latika Soap on Etsy

Popsicles!  Buh-bye, cupcakes and macaroons, here comes the popsicle.

Image from Organic Gardening

Image from Organic Gardening

Botanicals, especially ferns, wildflowers and forest flora & fauna.

Copper plate texture, old metal background, image from istockphoto

Copper plate texture, old metal background, image from istockphoto

Copper!  Copper will join the gold foil seen everywhere in 2014 as a metallic of choice.  It plays really nicely with Marsala and many of the other on-trend colors for 2015.

Okay, it’s finally time for me to get out of my robe and PJs, but as a quick closing I also want to mention that if you’re a designer who’s resolved to focus more on design in 2015 and less on, well, not design, then perhaps you’re a fit for joining the Bunch!  We’ve got a handful of open spots and are looking specifically with designers with talent and interest in creating wall art and/or photo cards and gifts.  Both require strong style and the ability to incorporate typography into your work.  Please consider applying to join us – you can read more here.

Happy trendspotting!